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Interview Article: 米国の企業及び大学での研究マネージメント

May 2009

My interview article “Research Management in U.S. Corporate Laboratories and Universities ( 米国の企業及び大学での研究マネージメント),” appeared in Journal of IEICE (電子情報通信学会誌) Vol. 92, No. 5, May 2009, pp. 318-326. I explained how high quality of research and education of U.S. universities are maintained, and encourage Japanese students to go abroad and study and work in an environment where people are judged based on what they have done recently, not many years ago. In order to survive in the global age, we must bring in most talented people to take the helm of an organization, whether it is an industry or an academic institution.

ARTICLE: http://www.ieice.org/jpn/books/kaishikiji/2009/2009051.pdf

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