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Curriculum Vitae

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Hisashi Kobayashi—Curriculum Vitae (December 2015)

Present Positions:
Personal Data:
  • Date and Place of Birth: 06/13/1938, Tokyo, Japan
  • Citizenship: Japanese (U.S. Permanent Resident)
  • Personal Residences:
    30 West Street, Apt. 24A, New York, NY 10004-3059, USA
    4071 Haro Road, Victoria, BC V8N 4B3, Canada
  • Princeton University (09/01/1965–08/31/1967)
    • Ph.D.Degree, 08/1967 (Electrical Engineering)
    • Ph.D. Thesis: “Representation of Complex-valued Vector Processes and Their Applications to Estimation and Detection,”
      (Advisor: Prof. John B. Thomas)
  • University of Tokyo (04/01/1957–03/31/1963)
    • M.E. Degree, 03/1963 (Electrical Engineering)
    • M.E. Thesis, “Ambiguity Characteristics of Coded Pulse Radar,” (Advisors: Prof. Yasuo Taki and Prof. Hiroshi Miyakawa)
    • B.E. Degree, 03/1961 (Electrical Engineering)
Professional History:
  • 04/1963-07/1965: Engineer, Radar R&D Section, Toshiba Co., Kawasaki, Japan
  • 09/1967-12/1970: Research Staff Member, Applied Research Dept., IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY.
  • 09/1969-04/1970: Visiting Assistant Professor, System Science Dept. UCLA (on sabbatical leave from IBM)
  • 01/1971-12/1973: Manager, Systems Measurement & Modeling, Computer Science Dept. IBM. T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY
  • 01/1974-12/1980: Senior Manager, Systems Analysis & Algorithms.
  • 07/1975-12/1975: Visiting Professor, Information Science Dept. University of Hawaii, and Consultant, The ALOHA System Project (on sabbatical from IBM).
  • 01/1976-06/1976: Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., Stanford University (on sabbatical from IBM).
  • 09/1979-08/1980: Visiting Professor, Technical University of Darmstadt, West Germany (as recipient of the Humboldt Prize, on sabbatical from IBM).
  • 09/1980-12/1980: International Professor of Computer Science, Free University of Brussels, Belgium (on sabbatical from IBM).
  • 01/1981-03/1982: Department Manager, VLSI Design, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
  • 04/1982-06/1986: Founding Director, IBM Japan Science Institute (now IBM Tokyo Research Lab.), on international assignment from IBM Research.
  • 07/1986-06/2008: Sherman Fairchild University Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Princeton University.
  • 07/1986-06/1991: Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University.
  • 09/1991-05/1992: NEC Chair for Computers & Communications, University of Tokyo, RCAST (Research Center for Advanced Science & Technology). (on sabbatical from Princeton).
  • 07/1998-01/1992: Visiting Professor, University of Victoria (as BC ASI Visiting Fellow, on sabbatical from Princeton).
  • 07/2008- present: Sherman Fairchild University Professor Emeritus.
  • 09/2008-present: Senior Distinguished Researcher, National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (NICT), Tokyo.
  • 04/2011-09/2015: President, Friends of UTokyo, Inc. (Formerly, Friends of Todai, Inc.) New York, NY. 09/2015-present, Chair of Advisory Committee.
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www.hisashikobayashi.com Hisashi Kobayashi’s Blog

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