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Books (3):

B-1. H. Kobayashi, Modeling and Analysis: An Introduction to System Performance Evaluation Methodology, Addison-Wesley, 1978.

B-2. H. Kobayashi and B. L. Mark, System Modeling and Analysis: Foundations of System Performance Evaluation. Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2009.

B-3. H. Kobayashi, B. L. Mark, and W. Turin, Probability, Random Processes and Statistical Analysis, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

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Book Chapters (18):

C-1. H. Kobayashi, “Chapter 13: A Survey of Coding Schemes for Transmission or Recording of Digital Data,” in L. E. Franks (ed.), Data Communication Fundamentals of Baseband Transmission, Halsted Press, 1974.

C-2. H. Kobayashi, “Chapter 3: System Design and Performance Analysis using Analytic Models” in K.M. Chandy and R.T. Yeh (eds.), Current Trends in Programming Methodology, Vol. III: Software Modeling, Prentice-Hall, 1978.

C-3. H. Kobayashi, “Chapter 4: Discrete-Time Queuing Models” in G. Louchard and G. Latouche (eds.), Probability Theory and Computer Science, Academic Press, 1983.

C-4. H. Kobayashi, “Chapter 5: Diffusion Approximation of Queuing Analysis,” in G. Louchard and G. Latouche (eds.), Probability Theory and Computer Science, Academic Press, 1983.

C-5. H. Kobayashi, “Chapter 6: Computational Algorithms of Markovian Queuing Networks,” in G. Louchard and G. Latouche (eds.), Probability Theory and Computer Science, Academic Press, 1983.

C-6. 小林久志「研究生活にもどって」村上陽一郎編『先端科学技術と私(1』朝倉書店 199110pp. 77-91.
H. Kobayashi, “On Coming back to a Research Life,” in Y. Murakami (ed.), Science & Technology and I: RCAST Series XI, Asakura Publishing Co. October 1991, pp. 77-91.

C-7. H. Kobayashi, Y. Onozato, and D. Huynh, “An Approximate Method for Design and Analysis of an ALOHA System,” in N. Abramson (ed.), Multiple Access Communications: Foundations for Emerging Technologies, IEEE Press, 1993. pp. 262-271.

C-8. H. Kobayashi and Q. Ren, “Transient Behavior of a Statistical Multiplexer for Multiple Types of Traffic,” in S. Osaki and D. N. Ora Murthy (eds), Stochastic Models in Engineering. Technology and Management, World Scientific, 1993. pp. 293-302.

C-9. H. Kobayashi and B. L. Mark, “Product-Form Loss Networks,” in J. H. Dshalalow (ed.), Frontiers in Queuing: Models and Applications in Science and Engineering, pp. 147-195. CRC Press, 1997.

C-10. S-Z Yu, B. L. Mark and H. Kobayashi, “Mobility Tracking and Traffic Characterization for Efficient Wireless Internet Access,” in G. Sturber and B. Jabbari (Eds.), Multiaccess, Mobility and Teletraffic in Wireless Communications, Vol. 5, Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2000.

C-11. H. Kobayashi, “Foreword,” in M. Reiser, G. Harring and C. Lindemann (eds.) Performance Evaluation: White Book. LNS Series, Springer Verlag, February 2000.

C-12. Q. Huang, H. Kobayashi and B. Liu, “Modeling and Defending against Distributed Denial of Service Attack,” in Information Society Series: Vol. 1, Techno-Legal Aspects of Information Society and New Economy: an Overview, FOMATEX (2003).

C-13. Q. Li and H. Kobayashi, “Fast Simulation,” in Performance Evaluation: Stories and Perspectives, in OCG Schriftenreihe Series, Volume 175, Austrian Computer Society, December 2003.

C-14. I. Avramopoulos, H. Kobayashi, A. Krishnamurthy and R. Wang, “Secure Routing,” in C. Douligeris and D. Serpanos (eds.), Network Security, Current Status and Future Directions, John Wiley & Sons, 2007.

C-15. S. Gezici, Z. Sahinoglu, H. Kobayashi and H. V. Poor, “Ultra wideband geolocation,” in H. Arslan and Z. N. Chen, (eds.), Chapter 3 in Ultra Wideband Wireless Communications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006, pp. 43-76.

C-16. S. Gezici, H. Kobayashi and H. V. Poor, “Multiple-access interference mitigation in ultra wideband systems,” Chapter 10 in H. Arslan and Z. N. Chen, (eds.), Ultra Wideband Wireless Communications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2006, pp. 227-254.

C-17. H. Kobayashi “Foreword,” in D. Rychaudhuri and M. Gerla, Emerging Wireless Technologies and Future Mobile Internet, Cambridge University Press, 2011, pp. xi-xii

C-18. 小林久志「昭七兄の思い出」『顔をなくした数学者:数学つれづれ』(小林昭七著)岩波書店2013年7月30日初版発行、pp. 128-137.
H. Kobayashi, “Memory of my brother Shoshichi,” in Shoshichi Kobayashi, Mathematicians who lost their faces: Idle Essays on Mathematics (in Japanese), Iwanami Publisher, July 30, 2013, pp. 128-137.

C-19. H. Kobayashi, “Academic Genealogy of Shoshichi Kobayashi and Individuals Who Influenced Him,” in Geometry and Analysis on Manifolds: In Memory of Professor Shoshichi Kobayashi, edited by T. Ochiai et al. Progress in Mathematics, Vol. 308, pp. 17-38, Springer International Publishing, 2015.

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