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An honorary doctorate degree from Ghent University, Belgium

I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree from Ghent University, Belgium on March 22nd, 2019, the day of its 202nd Anniversary (Dies Natalis) .


I was recognized for my contributions in a variety of research fields, ranging from communication theory, queueing theory, and performance modeling/evaluation of computers and communication networks, which I carried out at both the IBM Research Division (1967-86) and Princeton University (1986-2008).  (Selected publications of my research, can be found in the publication section of this home page and my Wikipedia page in Japanese.

Professor Herwig Bruneel of Ghent University, my nominator, also refers to my current effort to challenge the 160 years old Riemann Hypothesis (RH).  See his video.  My investigations on the RH continued to be posted on this website, two of which have been published in Arxiv.org.  https://arxiv.org/abs/1603.02911,  https://archive.org/details/arxiv-1603.02954

Photo from the left, Rector Professor Rik Van de Walle, myself and Prof. Herwig Bruneel

Mr. Bruneel and I met for the first time in the fall of 1980, when I gave a series of lectures on “Queuing theory” as an International Professor in Computer Science sponsored by the Belgian NSF, hosted by Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Mr. Bruneel, a Ph.D. candidate at that time at Ghent University found my lecture on “discrete-time queuing models,” especially intriguing, which influenced his Ph.D. thesis and his subsequent research, so recalls Prof. Bruneel.  I responded to him saying: “I feel extremely lucky that I had you in the audience 39 years ago. I am just happy to learn that my lectures impacted your research.  I am overwhelmed by your extraordinary kindness to recognize my humble contribution in such a significant manner like granting me an honoring doctorate degree.”

All photos shown above and below are by courtesy of Ghent University.

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  • Yasunao Katayama says:

    Dear prof. Kobayashi, sorry for being so late, but I woud like to express my most sincere congratulations! for your yet another award You look so great.

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