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PACRIM 2009 Conference at University of Victoria

August 23-26, 2009

The PACRIM 2009 (Pacific Rim Conference 2009), for which I served as General Chair was held on August 23-26, 2009 was successful with more than two hundred participants, and many from Japan (over sixty), including Dr. Hideo Miyahara, President of NICT as the keynote address speaker.

I had a number of professional friends who participated in this conference and enjoyed the beautiful climate of Victoria.

Hisashi, Mrs. Miyahara, Masae, and Dr. Miyahara in front of our house:

Photo taken by Prof. Jack Wolf (UC San Diego) in our backyard: from left, clockwise: Dr. Roy Cideciyan (IBM Zurich), Masae, Hisashi, Prof. Eberhard Haensler (Technical University of Darmstadt), Mrs. Ingrid Haensler, Prof. Tsunehiko Kameda (Simon Fraser University), and Mrs. Toby Wolf:

Eco-cruise tour group photo: 2nd from the left is our tour-guide Brian:

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