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Lecture Slides of Probability, Random Processes and Statistical Analysis

Friday, December 20th, 2013

I am currently teaching a graduate course “ELE 525: Random Processes in Information Systems” at Princeton University on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Fall Semester 2013-14. I taught the same course in the Fall 2012-13. I post here the lecture slides, hoping that they will be useful to other instructors who will teach similar courses. The slides should be also useful to those who wish to study the subjects based on the textbook Probability, Random Processes and Statistical Analysis, by Hisashi Kobayashi, Brian L. Mark and William Turin (Cambridge University Press, 2012, 800 pages).

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Friday, December 20th, 2013

プリンストン大学   小林久志Kobayashi

本記事は電気学会誌125周年記念特集 号(2014年4月発行)に掲載されたものである。

  1. はじめに
  2. 大学の国際化
  3. 「大学院教授」を廃止し学部教育を充実せよ
  4. 柔軟な教育に対する日米の差
  5. 飛び進学が英才教育か?
  6. 教育界の革命児ムークス


Presentation at San Francisco Akamon-Kai (桑港赤門会で講演)

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

ShoshichiKobayashiMemorialOn Saturday February 9th, 2013, I was invited to give a 40 minute presentation entitled “The Life and Achievements of Shoshichi Kobayashi” 「小林昭七の生涯と業績」, at the Annual Meeting of San Francisco Akamonkai (桑港赤門会の年次総会), attended by about 40 members. Shoshichi, who was a Berkeley resident of 50 years, was one of the oldest members of the Akamonkai (the Alumni Group of the University of Tokyo). The slides and my talk were given in Japanese (Click here for viewing slides, and for the YouTube videos please visit the following, which I am afraid is too long: 1) http://youtu.be/N03PvMM6FQc; 2) http://youtu.be/SZKkRxDpa3Y; 3) http://youtu.be/FZt2mDJ97ic; 4) http://youtu.be/6njQgHL5IoI; 5) http://youtu.be/pfn2LiUtvVo; 6) http://youtu.be/0XSYjhFv9tg )  The outline of my talk was as follows.

SpeechatAkamonkaiプレゼンテーション内容 (Outline of Presentation)

  • 小林昭七の生い立ち (Upbringing of Shoshichi Kobayashi)
  • 数学者への道:林宗男先生との出会い (Guidepost to a mathematician: an encounter with Mr. Muneo Hayashi, Mathematics teacher)
  • 東大で矢野健太郎先生に学ぶ (Studying from Professor Kentaro Yano at the University of Tokyo)
  • フランス留学から米国へ (Study in France and move to America)
  • プリンストン高等研究所、MIT、UBC (カナダ)(Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, MIT and the University of British Columbia, Canada)
  • UC バークレーで50年 (Fifty years at Berkeley)
  • 数学者、教育者としての業績 (Achievements as a mathematician and educator)
  • 啓蒙書や随筆集 (Expository books and essays)
  • Friends of Todai について (On “Friends of Todai, Inc.”)